The Dance that Connects Us

Conscious Dance as a transformational Tool

From the earliest recorded history of human civilisation dance has been an intrinsic part of our culture. Before we had words to communicate, we had movement. Dance traverses all language barriers and has always been used traditionally in ritual, ceremony and celebration. Our ancestors prayed to the heavens in dance and song to call upon the Great Spirit for everything they needed. Throughout time, dance has connected us to the Great Mystery of Life. Humans have danced to mourn, danced for rains and sunshine and of course we have danced in celebration of life and its myriad of expressions.

How can we, in these modern times, look towards dance to rekindle our connection to it ALL and to fuel our personal transformation? We simply dance!  For those of you who may be saying, “oh no, I don’t/can’t dance.” You are mistaken. Within each and every one of us is a dancer! Sure, not everyone is a ballerina or a master ballroom dancer; however, dance is so much more than a structured form of moving. When it comes to what is known as ecstatic or conscious dance- There is no right or wrong way to move. This type of dance is actually an invitation to allow ourselves the freedom to let go of any form or structure and move for the sheer joy, pleasure and connection it can bring. The goal, in my experience, is to surrender our mind to our body and feel ourselves from the inside out. To many conscious dancers around the planet dance is considered our spiritual practice. It is where we come together in peace to shed, and pray, to heal and play. It is good for our health, our hearts and our minds. The opportunity to gather with other ecstatic dancers, in community, offers many of us social and emotional support as well as authentic relating with others.

Our bodies have this magnificent capacity to feel energy moving through them in addition to feeling  emotions and physical sensations. In yoga, for example, the focus is often on learning to feel the alignment of the body and working with breath to go deeper into each pose. Conscious dance can be seen as a moving yoga or meditation where we can align the body with our own natural mobility to expand into and express outwards towards an infinite range of movements.

Through ecstatic or conscious dance we have the ability to connect in deeply with our breath and bodies; we can enter into trancelike states that can literally shift our brainwaves from the cognitive beta state, to the more creative and relaxed alpha state. The more you dance and continue to let go into your experience, you can begin to access the theta state of your brain where you have access to intuition, long forgotten memories and a true sense of inspiration. From these more open states of awareness we can tap into the storehouse of wisdom inside ourselves. We have millions of years of evolution and a lifetime of memory and experience that resides within each of us. This ability we have to attune to the energy moving through us is the very tool that will guide us Home to ourselves. It is the very reason, I believe, we have a body. Our bodies are the key to feeling all that we are made of. Our bodies help us to Re-member all that we are and all that we can become. When we are fully connected to our body, then our connection to the Earth, its rhythms and all of its inhabitants will be as natural as breathing and dancing.

Through conscious dance we can begin to unravel old programs, debilitating stories, physical pain, emotional dis-ease and negative habit patterns (just to name a few) that are woven into the fabric of our bodies.  Through purposefully working with the body through dance you can and will begin to notice very distinct changes in your life. You will begin to feel more connected to yourself and the people around you, you will feel less stressed, more patient, joyful, healthful, and have clearer purpose in your actions. As we shed layers of “stuff” that no longer serves us, we become clear channels for the pulse of life to effortlessly move through us.

We are connected to each and every thing on the planet and the cosmos through the space we inhabit; and this begins within our bodies. The body is a roadmap and we can, if we choose, learn how to read it, to take the reigns and begin navigating our lives from this place. Each and every one of us is the steward and caretaker of our very unique connection and physical expression of all life. We come in all sizes, shapes, colours- and each with our very own personal ‘baggage.’  I believe through conscious movement, we can begin to unpack our bags and begin the return to our natural birthright of living on this earth as embodied expressions of the Divine spark that dances through us.

This is the potential I have glimpsed, and have complete trust in, through my explorations and study in dance and movement as a transformational tool. I invite YOU to remember that life is a dance and all your experiences are the music and rhythms that move you.  You can dance at any time, anywhere and for any reason you may need or want to. Just turn on the music in your living room, or go outside and dance to the sounds of nature. May we each allow ourselves to be danced into wholeness.


This article was featured in the Summer issue of Connect Magazine Victoria which can be found at most of your local health food shops <3

Written by Lydia Hikari Marolda for Connect Magazine