Dancing Freedom What is it all about?


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Dancing Freedom is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the re-emergence of wholeness. By gathering in community to dance an elemental wave, lightly guided by the facilitator to take us on a journey through earth, water, fire, air and ether. In this practice we sweat, pray, play, process and celebrate this precious life, to attain greater health, vitality and purpose.

It is a safe space where all are welcome to explore and express through their body, sound, breath and imagination. The space is held for each one of us to come as we are-to express ourselves authentically.

All bodies, abilities and backgrounds are welcome.The practice supports physical fitness, emotional and spiritual healing, personal and leadership development and the ability to create and sustain healthy relationships.


  • Lydia and Richard are fully certified Dancing Freedom facilitators who were trained in the USA by the founder of this practice, Samantha Sweetwater, in 2010.  They met at the training and have been on a dancing path together and apart, ever since.  They were the first facilitators to bring Dancing Freedom to Australia when they moved here in 2012.  This conscious dance practice continues to thrive and flourish-worldwide-with a growing number of dancers and facilitators in Australia.  Lydia was passed on the directorship of Dancing Freedom International at the end of 2015. She is excited to now be guiding the Dancing Freedom tribe towards greater collaborative and co-creative synergy while and also leading teacher trainings and workshops around the globe. Lydia and Richard continue to share a mission to help spread these seeds of awaking so that we as a global community may grow into our full collective potential through dance and embodiment.