Cacao Rituals: Let Your Heart Shine

Monthly Cacao Rituals

Next Ceremony: June 15, 2019

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Connect, Awaken and Open your senses to the pulse of Love that moves through You.

With Cacao as our ally we will tap into the natural intelligence that resides within. Join us as we explore ourselves through dance, meditation, breath work and sound healing. In participating in this Cacao Ritual you will have the opportunity to rest into yourself, to honour your brothers and sisters, ancestors, and the earth to ultimately allow for your Heart’s essence to shine forth. This is a ceremony to affirm the raw and wild thirst for life that is embedded in all of us.

The cacao brew we shall imbibe is lovingly prepared with ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacao imported straight form the source. “Ceremonial grade cacao is cacao or chocolate that has the quantity and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the Cacao Spirit in partnering with you.”

Lydia Hikari-jin, co-facilitates this journey with rotating collaborators.

What others are saying about the experience: 
~Our sacred Cacao ceremony was an immensely enriching and transformative experience last night! Dancing our hearts into infinite love!! I thank you all for creating this for our tribe! It was exquisitely held for all of us as a vessel for our deepest heart healing! so much GRATITUDE!!!! xox Honeybee xox
~So much gratitude for the sacred space to express our truth and be free to sing and dance our hearts out. Love you all
~Thank you to all the beautiful souls who shared in tonight’s magical Dark Moon Shamanic Cacao Ritual…
Wow, what smokin’ energy.. !!! By nights end, this is what my ‘medicine pouch’ was gifted with… ‘Speak your truth; Embody Openness; Give, Receive & Honour ALL the love in the world with gratitude… The end is just the Beginning…’  Lydia Hikari Marolda and Richard Tronson-You guys are the best!! So much gratitude for what you do… xo
~Expanded, Connected, United.
Thank you Medicine and Tribe for a truly powerful, cacao enriched evening.
~I only have a WOW in me right now to reflect what i experienced with tribe family last night… FUCKING WOW…..
~YES! Last night was SO potent, blissful, wow, wow, wow, we are so ready for this medicine, BRING IT!!!!!