Love in Action: Dance Journeys for Warriors of Love



Friday July 31st, 7-11pm – Cacao Ritual CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Tuesday August 4th 7-10 pm.  Dancing Freedom Journey (No pre-booking required)

***Both events will be held at the
Machan’s Beach Community Hall located at
82 Tucker Street, Machans Beach, Queensland


Calling out to the Cairns Tribe-
We are so excited to be heading up to FNQ to enjoy the warmth and beauty that surrounds you and to share in dance and ritual with our extended community.
There is a quote that claims: “the longest journey a person may take is the 18 inches from their head to their heart.”
Let’s take some of this journey together, on the dance floor. Love in Action is an opportunity to drop out of your head and into your heart to allow more space for the full activation of your heart’s purpose to be expressed in the world.
Dance gives you the opportunity to courageously travel the distance through the conscious exploration of your body’s physical landscape. The heart at first, may seem only to whisper – but with practice and patience, the subtle voice becomes clearer, giving you a direct link to your personal power Source.
We will be offering two events whilst in Cairns this winter AND we would LOVE for you to join us.


∞ ♥ Let Your Heart Shine: A Cacao Ritual ♥ ∞
Friday 31st July 7-11pm
On Friday July 31st from 7–11 we will be hosting a cacao ritual for the FNQ community. We have been offering these “Let Your Heart Shine” rituals in Melbourne monthly, and they have been a beautiful opportunity for our community to gather in ceremony and honour the wisdom this sacred teacher plant has to offer us.
With Cacao as our ally we will tap into the natural intelligence that resides within. We will explore ourselves through dance, song, ritual and embodied somatic activation. In participating in this Cacao Ritual you will have the opportunity to rest into yourself, to honour your brothers and sisters, ancestors, and the earth to ultimately allow for your Heart’s essence to shine forth. This is a ceremony to affirm the raw and wild thirst for life that is embedded in all of us.
The cacao brew we shall imbibe is lovingly prepared with ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacao imported straight form the source. “Ceremonial grade cacao is cacao or chocolate that has the quantity and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the Cacao Spirit in partnering with you.”
We ask for advanced bookings ONLY for this event as we will need to prepare the cacao brew in advance and we wish to honour each of you in our intentions as we do so. You can pre-purchase your $40 tickets here:


∞ Dancing Freedom: Love in Action ∞
Tuesday August 4, 7-10pm
On Tuesday August 4th from 7-10 pm we will be offering a Dancing Freedom: Love in Action- journey for all. No pre-bookings required. $25 at the door.
There is no coincidence this practice is called Dancing Freedom- because this is EXACTLY what we do- every time!
Dancing Freedom is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice that supports the re-emergence of embodied wholeness. By gathering in community we dance an elemental wave, tapping into the fundamental building blocks that we are made of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Together, we co-create a safe space for Y(our) true self to experience full bodied expression.
All bodies, abilities and backgrounds are welcome.The practice supports physical fitness, emotional and spiritual healing, personal and leadership development and the ability to create and sustain healthy relationships.
We shall meet you there.
You can expect some of the finest beats and bass from around the globe- hand selected to weave a sonic journey that will take you deep into your body, heart and Spirit.
Please arrive several minutes early for a warm up and stretch…so we may begin promptly. Please help spread the word to your tribe- so that we can co-create two extraordinary evenings full of love, dance and full power activation for all in attendance!
We look forward to meeting you there.
Much Love and many blessings,
Lydia and Rich