Phoenix Onesong Marolda 光人 A Brief Biography

In my early 20’s, I had the revelation that dance was a powerful medicine that could connect me to “something Greater” than I had ever known. Inspired by my experiences on dance floors from around the globe I have devoted my life to exploring what it means to use dance and ritual for healing and empowering the Self on all levels. I understand that in facilitating my own evolution and that of others I am assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time.
I have a Masters degree in Education and Expressive Arts in Learning, in addition to having studied with many great teachers, healers and mentors throughout the US, South America, Asia and Australia.  I have been teaching, creating curriculum and sharing embodiment practices with thousands of adults and children from around the planet for almost 15  years; and I can honestly say that I  am now ready to share the full potency of my gifts!
When I found Dancing Freedom in 2010, I knew it to be the perfect synergy of my passions for dance and shamanism. It was from that point I made my choice to become a fully certified facilitator, committed to bring the power of consciously moving our bodies to those ready to heed the call.
My mission is to use the tools I have gained to remind youth and adults how to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest. What happens when we remember that life is the dance and we learn to surrender and move to the music? I invite you to come, move, and feel for yourself.
I am the director and lead teacher trainer for Dancing Freedom Global and offer conscious dance journeys in Melbourne and beyond. I also offer one-one-one mentoring and empowerment sessions, personalized dance journeys, rituals and drum journeys available by appointment only.
I can be contacted via email; or telephone 0434 508 414