Richard Tronson


Inspired by the mystery of It All, I am excited to design and offer dance experiences that spark others into artful, heartful embodied explorations of their own multidimensional selves. From my self-initiations on the dusty dance grounds of the Australian bush, to the more studious and structured trainings of recent years, following my dancing star around the globe has been a diverse and transformational journey of self-discovery and awakening. From dance I have found that when we allow our Imaginations to interact with our psyches and bodies, what is most alive in us emerges and what is out of balance can be brought back to balance. Through embodied movement we can learn to harmonise the inner and outer dimensions of our experience and open to the depths and mystery of the sacred dance of life. In my classes and workshops, I encourage people to allow this natural and balanced energy to reassert itself as I see that attuning to the elements and restoring the blueprint of our original wholeness is critical at this time. Music and sound is key to these rituals and activations; and so I invest many hours of careful consideration into track selection as well as into ritual design.

I have taught classes and workshops in Australia and in the US since the beginning of 2011. I have completed a Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy and am almost complete with my Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy from the Phoenix Institute where I have been busily equipping myself with more tools for shifting consciousness.

I am part of the Dancing Freedom teacher training team as a co-facilitator alongside the director of this practice, Lydia Marolda.