Serra Stone


Serra is a powerful force on and off the dance floor, discovering dance as gateway into deep self-inquiry and full self-expression through the thriving Ecstatic Dance community in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for outdoor dance festivals, Serra has spent 100’s of hours stomping her intentions into the earth and diving deep through the powerful ritual of dance.

Serra is wild at heart, free spirited, unbridled, deeply sensitive, sensual and passionate. A sacred sexuality practitioner, relaxation massage therapist, and a current student studying a Bachelor of Applied Science, she has always been one to follow her passions wherever they may take her. A performer of dance, a costume designer and performance poet, Serra has featured as a roving artist at a number of festivals and events throughout Australia.

Her mission is to be a part of a global community where full permission is granted to be fully self expressed, using movement as a vehicle for liberation and embodied awakening and an opportunity to remember who we really are.