Synergy – April 12, 2019


Synergy Intentional Dance Events is proud to present another exquisitely curated celebration of dance, music, art, collaboration, community and mouth watering delicacies for our Melbourne tribe to feast our senses upon…


Let us open our wild and radiant hearts in welcome to
Yaima(USA) who will be sharing their magical, mystical, music alchemy for the first time on Australian soil.

YAIMA’s music is interwoven with intention and acknowledgment for the elements. As the earth transmutes through fire, the winds move the water, the water falls and replenishes the earth – the cycles of gratitude and reciprocity is what weaves these harmonies and deeply pulsing rhythms into a unique and balanced sensational journey.

They will debut their latest album ‘ Antidote ‘ for our listening and dancing pleasure; as they take us on a journey through sonic soundscapes traversing sensually stimulating and heart centered compositions, deeply inspiring each listener to return to their truth.

The theme for this Synergy event in alignment with Yaima’s latest release is ” Hearts Alight, ” where we will awaken and ignite our individual and collective hearts in passion, power, creativity and courage – through an evening of tantalising delights that may set our radiant Hearts Alight with love, joy and bliss filled connection!

We are excited to be weaving the Synergy tapestry with one of our favorite local/international producers: Ben Temple Step of the Temple Step Project, Dj Rivka, Richard Tronson aka Dreamwylder (Dancing Freedom) and providing delicious delicacies to nourish and energise the body by Emily Bellish.
Among other divine delights TO BE ANNOUNCED…

Our events are always drug and alcohol free as we aim to co-create a container for Synergy to touch the hearts and souls of all through a clear and conscious celebration of life, and offer an invitation for people to connect more deeply with one another and the music that is on offer.

We invite you to join us at Second Story Studios on Friday April 12th at 6.30pm for an evening of dance, ceremony, celebration, community, creativity and connection.

**This is our first announcement and have set out ticket cost at a SUPER EARLY BIRD rate of $35 for one week only- to help us in purchasing Yaima’s flights. Tickets will soon go up in price, so be the first to jump on board and know you are supporting these artists to bring their art to Aus. ***

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Synergy Team

~ ♥ ~