The Sacred Third with Lucine Eusani and Phoenix Marolda.


“The Sacred Third: A dance ritual & creativity laboratory”, is part of an ongoing series of dance ritual collaboration with Lucine Eusani and Phoenix Marolda.

How do we make ourselves available to the creative force that is within us and also beyond us? If you have the desire to source and channel inspiration in order to CREATE in your life from a place of infinite possibility… this event is for YOU.

This workshop is for people who want to cultivate a balanced sense of clarity and receptivity in order to work together optimally with others, whether in relationship or in life projects…

You will cultivate deeper knowing & confidence in the unique gifts that you carry and gain clarity in the direction that is needed to actually put your expression into the world.

We await with anticipation this sacred exploration, and welcome what is waiting to emerge through and from each us, combined! There is a synergy that emerges when we allow ourselves to join forces with something other than ourselves. An alchemy occurs, when we offer our gifts in service to the sacred third, where what is produced by the combined effect of all parts becomes greater than the sum of our separate individuated self.

Date: Saturday 23rd March
Time: 12-6:30pm
Location: Elwood Angling Club
Price: $77 in advance or $85 at the door (if available)
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Our last event here was booked out so booking in advance is advisable.

Your Guides in Ritual and Dance:

Lucine Eusani~ has long held a passion for the medicine of movement. She has taught movement around the world, working with people from the most diverse life experience imaginable. Her passion is using movement to awaken all parts of our selves into full expression, to integrate our body’s wisdom into our decisions and bring that integrity out into the world.

She fell in love with the practice of 5Rhythms® in 2006 and has been a dedicated student since, finally becoming a teacher in 2016. She brought her two young children with her on this journey, and just as 5Rhythms® has informed her mothering, so has mothering been her great teaching.

Along with teaching 5Rhythms Lucine’s passion is holding 1 on 1 embodiment coaching sessions; a space to harness the power when the alignment of the body’s wisdom, the mind’s intellect and the heart’s knowing are working together. She’s trained as a coach & a mediator, and has Masters degrees in conflict resolution. She spent a decade living in South America immersed in the study of shamanic traditions and medicines of indigenous Amazon cultures which greatly influences her work Lucine’s commitment to this practice is to offer it as an

For more information about Lucine and her work:

Phoenix Onesong Marolda~ Inspired by her experiences on dance floors from around the globe, Phoenix has devoted her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement, prayer and ceremony for healing and transformation. In facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time. With the tools she has gained throughout her life, she empowers and reminds others to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest.

Phoenix is the director and lead teacher trainer of the Dancing Freedom movement practice- sharing this embodied wisdom with dance medicine carriers from around the globe. Her passions include: empowering embodied humans to remember who they are and what they came here to do, to welcome others into their own brilliance and leadership, and to steward spaces where movement, ritual, belonging and deep soul connection to the Earth can occur. She brings a love, devotion and authenticity to her communities and classes that can be felt by all.

She has a Masters degree in Education and Expressive Arts; in addition to having studied with many teachers, healers and mentors throughout the US, South America, Asia and Australia. She has been teaching, creating curriculum and weaving ceremony with thousands of adults and children from around the planet for over 15 years; and is here to share the potency of her gifts with the world!