Who We Are

Lydia and Richard

Co-founders of Dancing Seeds

Hailing from opposite sides of the planet Lydia (Texas, USA) and Richard (Melbourne, Australia) were drawn together through their love for the dance. A dynamic duo who share tribal trance roots going back 15 years and a particular passion for outdoor dance grounds, they are both initiated dance activators committed to sharing the practice of conscious dance and embodied awakening with an ever-growing tribe. Lydia’s ability to open portals for blessings from the earth elements to come through is a special gift that she shares with grace and passion.

A dance floor activator and elemental alchemist Richard is an energizing presence who reflects and amplifies the intentional field of the dancers in attendance.Together, Lydia and Richard are a powerful embodiment of the union of the masculine and feminine. Lydia anchors the energy of the Divine Feminine to evoke receptivity and creativity while Richard’s strength lies in helping others remember the courage it takes to go deeper toward their centre.

Their shared heart-core approach to the medicine of dance is both supportive and inspiring, calling people to attend to their own emotional clearing and soul empowerment. With years of experience in different dance modalities, shamanic practices, yoga, sound and breath work, they weave together a unique set of skills to create a potent dance journey for each participant. Lydia and Richard are fully certified Dancing Freedom facilitators and teacher trainers who have taught classes and workshops in the USA, Costa Rica, Bali and Australia,  at festivals such as Dancing Ground (Aus), Rainbow Serpent(Aus), Luminate (NZ) Burning Man(USA), Art Outside(USA).

They are the founders of Dancing Seeds, Synergy I.D.E., and work cooperatively and collaboratively with Dancing Freedom facilitators from around the globe to spread these seeds of earth wisdom and dance medicine.

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Meet your Trance-formative facilitators

  • Lydia Marolda

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  • Richard Tronson

When we allow our Imaginations to interact with our psyches and bodies, what is most alive in us emerges and what is out of balance can be brought back to balance….Read more

Serra is a powerful force on and off the dance floor, discovering dance as gateway into deep self-inquiry and full self-expression through the thriving Ecstatic Dance community in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for outdoor dance festivals… Read more 

Claire Dunn is a rewilding facilitator, writer, mentor & coach, barefoot explorer, dancer, and author … Read more