Wild Elements – A 6 week Dance and Movement Adventure




This is a call out to all of you who are ready to take the plunge within- to unveil and retrieve the benefits and wisdom that working with the 5 Elements has for you, your community and our Earth.
The ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles once described the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether as the ‘roots of all things’. We are intimately linked to these elements on every level; they are not just basic to our lives as humans,they also symbolize, the diverse energies from which we and all else are made. Learning to engage our body, mind and spirit within the field of these elements is an active and imaginative process that can open the gateways of consciousness for real-time remembrance of our wholeness and unity with life.
In this 6 week series, we will explore the dynamic, interdependent and unique qualities of each of the elements through dance, somatic movement, breath work, sound, creative process, shamanic journey work, ritual and partner work. Together we will enter into an alchemical crucible where you will be safely held by your facilitators, the dance and each other.
This is a 6 week committed journey where you can expect to receive as much out of it as you are willing to put in.
We will provide a structure where your unique, embodied intelligence will be welcomed, supported and encouraged.
So, if you are feeling the call to take a dive, a soar, or meet yourSelf somewhere in the centre, we are here to witness, encourage and celebrate your process!
Week 1- Earth: Somatic Foundations-Structure, Support, Gravity; Primal Instinct.
Week 2- Water: Fluid Body Systems, Flow, Reflection, Availability, Navigating the Currents
Week 3- Fire: Muscles, Metabolic Function, Transformation, Illumination, Passion, Will, Power
Week 4- Air: Respiratory and Mental Functions, Change, Clarity, Refining, Community, Freedom, Joy
Week 5- Ether: Subtle Energy Systems, Expansion, Space, Transcendance, Inter-connectivity, One-ness
Week 6- Integration: The Ripple Effect-How to Bring Your Medicine Out Into the World!
Our next series is yet to be announced- stay tuned for details.
Sessions meet every Wednesday evening – at Sound of Moves in Fitzroy North from 7-10pm.
 Cost is $300 for the entire 6 week series including all supplies and community support.
**Payment plan is available if needed*** please contact Lydia for more information: hikarijin@gmail.com
*** Space is Limited to 20 participants!! So please book in advance or get in contact to reserve your space.


 Why Come?

* We are going to get really Real by diving into what is present for each of us and directly work with it.
*You will create the time and space to re-connect with and remember the inherent wisdom that resides in your body.
* You will learn somatic and processing techniques to connect you to your body, your breath and your emotions.
*You  will get to share your gifts and wisdom with others and help to co-create a life-altering experience  for all.
* You will make authentic connections.
*You will have the opportunity to face your personal blockages and move through them in a safe and supportive way.
* You will get to set powerful intentions for yourself, your community and our planet.
* You will be challenged to grow and learn new ways of being in connection with yourself, the world and others.
*You will experience having your truth heard and witnessed and be in deeper connection with a community of embodied activists.

 What folks are saying about the Wild Elements series:

“I absolutely love everything that Lydia and Rich have to offer us. The Dancing Freedom journeys, where every time I go in deep and am transformed; the Synergy events, an extravaganza of love, music, family, bliss, treats and more; to the workshops where you’re able to experience so much more of them…
Recently, I had the pleasure of completing the Wild Elements series, a six week journey exploring each of the five elements in depth through dance, music, ritual, art and words. Each week I’d feel really immersed in the element and was surprised at what came up and how I was able to work towards healing certain parts of me. And they were there to hold us with the perfect blend of letting us be wild and free using their sensitivity and intuition.
Lydia and Rich offer from deep within their hearts. Their passion and dedication for bringing dance and freedom to the world is immeasurable.
And their choice of music is by far one of my favourite flavours heard around this city and adds to the magic of it all. Super grateful for you both and what you offer.
Do yourselves a favour and get down to one of their events held with such love!” Christina (Rola) Jimenez Melbourne, Australia
“Thank you Lydia & Richard…
For providing a space that is enabling me to see my way in this world more clearly by opening up and sinking deeper into myself to really explore each of the elements.
I’m finding the discussions and activities in each session really enlightening – they are holding mirrors up to me and I am seeing myself and learning what I need to do to connect more deeply with myself for myself…and DO what needs to be done with joy and inspiration.
The written information you provide after each session is a great way to reflect on the week’s experience…which I’m finding keeps the momentum going and also provides another level of understanding.
So, thank you…thank you for your gifts” xxoo -Alison N- Melbourne Australia
 “Every time I attend an event run by Lydia and Rich it is like giving an extraordinary gift to my whole being. The space they hold is both powerful and nurturing which has allowed me to experience deep and soulful transformation. We dance- yet the dance goes deep and nourishes my heart, my soul, my mind and my body. I recently attended the six week ‘wild elements’ event and found it more profound then words can express. I felt safe to be in whatever space i was truly in each week- whether that was vulnerable, stressed, lost in thought, silly- whatever! All of me was welcomed, accepted and loved which I found so healing. I reccommend Lydia and Rich’s events and events to anyone, whether you want lightness and fun or bone deep transformation.” -Mira Hart Carson (Melbourne, Australia)
 “Lydia and Rich hold such a beautiful, safe and enriching space of embodied movement. The Wild Elements series is a diverse, eclectic mix of carefully chosen processes. I loved the diversity and surprises each week. I enjoyed the privacy and autonomy entwined with moments of intimacy and community. I felt so held and encouraged to journey to the edges of my comfort zones. I loved the trust and respect they have for the wisdom of the group, gently allowing each member to find and share their body and voices in order to integrate and enrich the knowledge of the group. So often I felt their professional facilitator training and fluid intuition held us is in a beautiful balance of structure and fluidity. This is a practice and a profession that comes from a beautiful place where the authenticity and the participant’s needs are held at centre and everyone experiences their own form of unique healing as a result. A beautiful honouring and rediscovering of the tools available to us and within us every day; the power of the wild elements.” – Yoyoe